I Don't Want To Cheat

There are people who really don't want to cheat on their significant other, but feel almost as if they have no other recourse. They've exhausted all possibilities (but not really:) and feel that if their needs aren't being met at home - they WILL get them met.

If this sounds like you...you have a HUGE sense of entitlement in this world. No one owes you a fantastic relationship. They take work. And I'm almost 100% sure that you haven't exhausted all your options.

If you feel that this is your last option, what about ending a relationship that is about to be standing on a house of lies? Ending it would be much braver and healthier for both parties. Even if there are kids involved. Think about the trust issues of a child who grows up in a cheater's home.

So if you don't want to cheat - just don't. And try therapy one more time. Try talking it out one more time. Try talking to your Pastor, Priest, or Rabbi one more time. Try reading that sex self-help book together one more time. Try working out your money problems one more time. Whatever it is - try fixing it one more time. Because going outside of your relationship, I can guarantee you, does nothing but complicate things. Even if they never find out. You will know...


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Roberto said...

Obviously a woman wrote this article. If you communicate your needs to the wife and she doesn't respond you could either suppress your sexual desire (difficult to do), divorce your wife (just cause you wanted a little bit of action) or get some on the side. How this is cheating the system is beyond me. I've been with the same woman for 22 years and, on three past occasions, got a little on the side when she just didn't respond to my needs. I don't regret it and, frankly, it made me appreciate the wife more for it. You can't get married at 19 years old and then, by age 30, not have a few flings. I've been faithful for the past 11 years and don't regret it. Things like this have been going on for thousands of years. Men understand it but women make a big deal of it.

Growler said...

Roberto is a fucktard....just sayin'

Drewbrando@Live.ca said...

Yeah roberto your a fucktard.Im a man,and im sick and tired of this generalazitaion of men.What men understand,are you fucking ridicoulous.Listen,how much can you possibly love someone if you cheat on them.Cus your wife didnt respond to your needs,boowoo.Maybe its cus your sex crazed freek.I ve been married for 15 years,I never ask my wife for sex,I make sure she ask me.
WTF suppress your desire,The way your talking is as if sex is the only thing on earth.Needs,you make me sick,needs,you dont need sex artard,dont you have anything more important to do.What kind of a man are you.Im tired of guys like you representing the majority of us men,you with your sex needs and shit.Grow up,love your wife a little.

kitty71 said...

I know that it is not right to cheat,but I feel like my husband is kind of encouraging me to do it by how he acts. He keeps looking at all kinds of porn on the internet, and everytime that I am in the mood for sex, he pushes me away by telling me that he is tired or that we had just done it and he makes me feel like a sex maniac, when really all I have our sexual needs that need to be fullfilled, and he just isn't living up to the bargin of marriage very well, so therefore that's why I have been flirting heavier with other guys. If things don't start changing soon, I may end up cheating on him!

mommabear said...

Getting cheated on sucks. Use blueware from bigdaddyspy.com to listen in on your spouses cell phone. Catch them in the act.

superdoom said...

Roberto I'm with you to an extent.... as long as I don't know what my girl did I don't care... what I don't know doesn't hurt me... I have not gotten no play time for 3 months and she saying I probably won't be getting none until january 2012 because she 6 months pregnant... I don't know about other guys thinking about beating on your meat to porn and gettin on top plastic dolls thinking its your next door neighbors daughter ain't enough for me... all I have to say is if your women doesn't satisfy your man needs and gives you that's hardcore sex every man deserves after a long day of work then you should get play and if she doesn't change then break ways.... just think about it this way you can't cheat forever and you sure won't keep it a secret forever.... if its just a temporary thing more power to ya

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