Date Night

It's important that you implement "date night" or even a "date weekend" into your marriage.

If not -- something nasty can set in -- "neglect". And people can get very antsy when they feel as if they are being neglected.


1. Hire a student one day a month
2. Alternate date night locations. You pick one - then your mate.
3. Don't talk about the kids if you have any.
4. Don't talk about the bills - which I know you have:)
5. Say one thing complimentary to your mate, even if it kills you.

Much Success!

When Three Is A Crowd

If you were thinking that introducing someone else in the bedroom would be a great way to eliminate "cheating" in your relationship -- think again! You've been watching too much HBO Real Sex !

Only a few things could happen in this situation.

1. You like the other partner better.
2. You only like sex with your partner if the 3rd person is involved.
3, Your "good opinion" of one another may change:)
4. Someone falls in love with the 3rd person
5. It opens you up or "permits you" to more sexual activities outside of the relationship

None of these sound good right?

Three is a crowd -- I mean if Jack HAD to make a choice...who would it have been?

Keep Your Wives Close - They Cheat Too!

A friend of the family (man) is married with one child. He is a cheater. In an effort to keep the heat off of him and his extracurricular activities - this guy moved his wife and child to what they thought was a better life in another state. The deal was - was that he still had to run his business in the old state where they lived. It wasn't portable. He would have had to start all over again or hire someone to manage the business. Un - not going to happen! So he wouldn't be home several days a the words of Scoobie Doo "Rut-Ro!"

This guy called his wife one night to speak to his 8 year old son. His son politely told his dad that his mom was in the bedroom with Mr. Bobby (name changed of course:), and that she couldn't come to the phone. So he asked who Mr. Bobby was and his son told him that he was mommy's friend who came by two days a week. The same two dayse -every week. And when he came by, he wasn't allowed to sleep with his mother (which he normally did).

Well - our friend of course is screaming "divorce" -- but you know what I was thinking...How dare you move your wife a few states away to keep your patootie out of trouble and want to scream divorce when she is acting out of desperation. She doesn't know too many people in the new area - and a lonely wife in a nice big house is a dream situation for some men.

So what am I saying here is men - keep your wives close! Because we are human too and there is but so much we can take. We don't care how extravagant the lifestyle is. Loneliness is not a normal human state of being. We like to be in partnerships and packs - not solo!

Ladies -- don't let this happen. You know what you are capable of not capable of. Of course you want the best life for your children (which motivated this guy's wife to go ahead with the move), but again, loneliness is a powerful state of being. Make wise decisions about your life and your marriage. Make sure they make sense.


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Christie Brinkley Should Have Been A Cheater!

Is it no wonder that some women cheat? Because many of us believe that no matter what we do, how hard we do it. how long...we still are going to get the shaft.

While I know that Christie Brinkley's husband (Peter Cook) is no means an example of the average man - nor she the average woman if we're going to get technical...he is just another example of someone not appreciating what he had at home and going for the youngest thing he could find.

Now as a clinician, I must say that we as voyeurs know nothing about the functionality of their relationship, Christie could be a complete lunatic (what do we know:) -- but as a woman and a wife, I must say that she might be feeling a teeny bit better right now if she had beaten him to the punch! Am I right ladies?

No. No. Oh, I'm just kidding...Cheating is NEVER a solution. Look at the mess it makes of everyone's lives! Message here? Don't do it.


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I Don't Want To Cheat

There are people who really don't want to cheat on their significant other, but feel almost as if they have no other recourse. They've exhausted all possibilities (but not really:) and feel that if their needs aren't being met at home - they WILL get them met.

If this sounds like have a HUGE sense of entitlement in this world. No one owes you a fantastic relationship. They take work. And I'm almost 100% sure that you haven't exhausted all your options.

If you feel that this is your last option, what about ending a relationship that is about to be standing on a house of lies? Ending it would be much braver and healthier for both parties. Even if there are kids involved. Think about the trust issues of a child who grows up in a cheater's home.

So if you don't want to cheat - just don't. And try therapy one more time. Try talking it out one more time. Try talking to your Pastor, Priest, or Rabbi one more time. Try reading that sex self-help book together one more time. Try working out your money problems one more time. Whatever it is - try fixing it one more time. Because going outside of your relationship, I can guarantee you, does nothing but complicate things. Even if they never find out. You will know...


According to statistics, nearly a third of American spouses will commit adultery during their relationship. If this is you or even worse your spouse, then this is the right book for you to read -- right away!

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What About The Kids?

Statistics don't lie. More and more women are cheating on their boyfriends and husbands. Women have decided to indulge their desire for complete idiocy - just like men!

Rumor has it that a famous celebrity singer is having an affair with a married woman who has two small children with her unassuming husband. And by the way, the singer is cheating on his girlfriend as well!

What's going on. A hot male singer - I almost am not surprised. A married mother of two with so much to lose? You, I'm a little surprised about!

What about the kids folks? If you are going through a rough patch in your marriage or you're disillusioned with your marriage or more likely yourself...think about your children. Cheating deeply affects your children. Because they ALWAYS find out. You either lose your mind from the sex and tell them or they figure out where mommy has been spending all her time.

If you need a reason. Let it be the kids ladies! Your affair can completely undo all the good that Baby Einstein may have provided:)

Look At Me With Loving Eyes Please

There are many women out here that are trying to do it all. Have a great career. Be a great mother. A loving wife. But sometimes they find that with all their hard work and energy and dedication - the "passion" between their husband and themselves has all but evaporated.

"Why doesn't he look at me with loving eyes anymore? Or with lustful eyes?"

Sometimes a man just looks bored. Or tired. And that is just too much for some women to bear. Especially when you feel that you have done everything you can to keep things moving in a positive direction.

So some of us look for that person who is going to look at us like we are fantastic. Like you use to look at us. Like we know that we still are - somewhere - still fantastic.

And then some of us find that person...and then we CHEAT.

Turn things around today and Bring Back Your Lost Love.


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