Cheating is Forever

Some people believe that a one-night-stand or a brief affair can be fixed and forgotten like any small error.

If you are in place in your marriage where you are considering having an affair - then go to the source of that problem and try to fix it. Going outside of your relationship will only complicate things. And not because it is the "wrong" thing to do. The immoral thing to do. The immature choice to make. But because it will forever be with you. You will NEVER forget it.

*Mary was a woman who was patiently waiting to marry her beau of 5 years. Problem was - was that he just wasn't there. He wasn't ready. And finally, something in Mary gave up. She didn't believe in her relationship any longer. She knew that she was never going to get married. Not to him. And as fate would have it she met Phillip.

Mary and Phillip were inseparable for about four months. And they were months of some of the best sex of her life. And here comes fate again - acting funny - and Mary's beau decides that he can't live without her and proposes on a moonlit night in July. Mary accepts. Marries him. But almost every time she has sex with her husband - she sees a flash of Phillip. Now that's not good for a new marriage...or any marriage.

We all may occasionally think about an old lover - hey, that's the chance you take when you marry someone who isn't a virgin:) But having these little one-night-stands and occasional office affairs - will only complicate your marriage and will always assure that it isn't just the two of you in the bedroom - there will always be three. And three's a crowd!

*Names changed

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